HWC's Remote Support Session is only a one off session, and once disconnected there is no continued active connection between a Client's computer to HWC's Support Staff. Should Clients require further remote assistance, once disconnected, then all on going sessions will be arranged with HWC prior to connection.


All sessions are observed by the Client, and at times Client's input may be required to show the Technician exactly where the issues lay with their computer and its operation

Not all can be fixed remotely, especially if it hardware related, or if a computer is beyond the point of remote rectification such as in the case of severe virus infection, poor internet speed, and issues that are hardware related.


To request a Remote Support Session, please fill in the "Get Help" form and submit it, HWC will then make contact with you and arrange a Session. Once arranged, your will be given the access key to download the below remote support tool.


Download Remote Support Tool


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